a statement from Markus Brandl
Visual Creator

Imagine people experiencing life by doing what they can do best. Following them and seeing the world through their eyes means taking the viewer on a journey he will never forget. We aim to frame life, create uniqueness within impressive sceneries and tell stories getting under your skin. It's the people who make us feel fascinated.


As art director I am used to get a deep insight in people's lifes. It's part of the creation process to become more familiar with people and their personal stories. If you are not prepared to look closely or watch free of prejudices you can't understand. Telling stories is about creating something meaningful and true. You may listen to people next to you, to people from diverse cultures and to people with different social background. It's interesting to realise that the closer and further people are to yourself the stronger your sense for this individual story experience will become.


From this point of view I can tell you, each of us has something to tell. I even think that each of us can be the protagonist of his own story. Give people a voice, stage them at the right place at the right time and you will experience an absolutely unique moment, fulfilled with life and emotions. From one second to the next, time stands still and let you dive into this scenery. You get so focused and open-minded with the feeling of becoming even part of it. It's this kind of moment that I call a ‘rare treasure’ moment.


Producing films in general is no sorcery, but capturing these moments makes your personal work valuable and fills your heart with joy. But to be honest, this type of experience is something you won’t find when you don’t search for it. I personally believe that emotive storytelling is no temporary trend, it's rather a hidden secret just waiting to be discovered more and more. Thinking visually is the first step to get access to this theme, following your heart the second one. It’s the moment letting yourself dropping, that will lead to new experiences of consciousness.



The creation of stories is a vibrant and challenging process. Sometimes the production is not even predictable. In order to still acting successfully in this constellation you need a clear vision and a close cooperation between partners. We are here to share our visions and look forward to meeting people who are willing to look beyond the horizon and define new paths with us.