The Beauty and Expressitivity of Emotions


a statement from Markus Brandl
Visual Creator

Imagine people experiencing life by doing what they can do best. Following them and seeing the world through their eyes means taking the viewer on a journey he will never forget. We aim to frame life, create uniqueness within impressive sceneries and tell stories getting under your skin. It's the people who make us feel fascinated.


I personally believe that emotive storytelling is no temporary trend, it's rather a hidden secret just waiting to be discovered more and more. Thinking visually is the first step to get access to this theme, following your heart the second one.

We are here to share our visions and look forward to meeting people who are willing to look beyond the horizon and define new paths with us.


Emotive Storytelling 

perceiving with all senses

There are two ways to tell a story. Either the story is already written and you just have to decorate it with the right pictures or you have to create a unique story that gives your images a voice. Regardless of the creation process, within a good story images have to be brought to life.
Once a story is posted, it's all about the audience, their personal perception and the interaction between each other. People want to get touched by good stories, they want to share them with others and they want be the first to do so. Thus, understanding in advance which effects could be achieved within the target group will make a difference. The more versatile a story is created the more pronounced the activation of the viewer's senses will become.
What we have learned is that brands and products do not influence an intriguing story, the crucial characteristic is authenticity. For people it’s more than just watching, they want to get involved, they want to feel like the actor does. So, why not thinking about a change? It's just a small step to see things from a different perspective, learn to understand and act rightly.
In general, we have different subject areas in mind when we think about further story creations. Emotive storytelling has such a potential, but you have to understand how to develop its full effect and how brands, organisations and opinion leaders can profit from that.

Short Films

Visual Stories

Brand Stories




Corporate Films

The core issue of an emotive story creation is about looking for those hidden signs below the surface first, before starting to think how this next concept could look like. Bringing out this one of a kind story means that you have to meet people, you need a confident exchange with them and you have to do your research extremely deep-rooted. Localising the right cornerstones and giving them a stage will result in a meaningful and sustainable story and that's exactly what it should be.

Creating Moments


Following People 

My Travel Diary

experiencing the world uniquely

The idea of telling stories as a traveller and illustrator in one person opens new doors for visual experience concepts. Herewith we create real moments, bring thought images to life and give new insights into destinations. In addition to photo and video footage we generate unique illustrations - real art made by hand collected in one travel diary. The whole story is based on the idea of discovering and experiencing destinations. With this concept we are able to create something very personal - something that has the power to make other people feel what our artist was experiencing.
This storytelling concept is very flexible and adaptable to all kinds of production scenarios. It offers a way to hold on to unique moments in nature, in cities, at unseen places, in trains or also at home or in the office. You can fill your travel book page by page so easily and create image worlds as fluent as impressive. We see countless possibilities of producing stories on the base of this concept. Generated contents can be used versatile and sustainably with a valuable potential for several use cases.

Capturing Destinations

Visual ARTs 

a communication concept for digital experiences

We are specialised in creating unique stories by visual arts. Our origin lies in customer-specific sandart productions for events and media. We aim to achieve this one of a kind moment for the audience within every single performance since 2008. Sandart is a very fascinating and breathtaking form of visualisation. Creating artworks with sand means creating images in an extraordinary way. It's emotional, captivating and inspirational all in one. Basically, sandart can be understood as a mix of painting, drawing and shaping with the target of illustrating the creation process of an image or the final artwork itself.
Besides our work with sand we also visualise images on the base of other substances like rice, charcoal, salt, sugar or powder from coffee beans or cosmetics. Visualising ideas in a creative way is our daily business. We want to capture magic moments with the target to create the feeling of something special.


a unique sandart experience

Art. Film. Visuals. 

where it all comes together

By considering the high emotional value of sandart and the technical possibilities of filming we see a great point of contact for an in-depth experience packed as a creative video with high artistic and communicative value. We are able to develop challenging storylines and transform them into an effective sandart performance, produced as image video for live communication or online presentations. In this constellation we offer a one-hand-solution from the first idea until the final product.

We target on the viewer, as it's him at the end of the day who decides about the success of a visual story.